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12 Innovative Israeli Tech Startups

Israel, proudly named as a Startup Nation, has all the reasons to boast about their startup industry. The statistics are impressive and they are not pulling the brakes anytime soon: Israel has the highest rate of startups per person in the world. For every 1,400 people, there is one existing startup. 

What makes Israel such a startup phenomenon? It’s definitely a mix of a few aspects: the strong technical education obtained by Israelis, a supportive community of serial entrepreneurs and vast venture capital. Israel leads the startup way in the area of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and computer vision.

I believe there is a culture in Israel for innovation, and since people see that many startups are being promoted and sold and doing great stuff, it gives you the motivation to create more

Asaf Toker, CEO of SeeVoov, a video-based trip-planning platform.

Israel, a Startup Nation


How did Israel become such a phenomenon?

Smart government policies were of high significance: “The Israeli government made a crucial strategic decision to jump-start a science-based sector by providing financial support for commercial R&D,” says Dr Orna Berry, an Israeli venture capitalist. “This policy made up for market failures and the heightened risk in operating in a geographically isolated market like Israel.” 

As for a population around 8.5M, Israel has grown some very high-priced businesses. One of them, Waze, was sold to Google for $1.3 billion, whilst Mobileye was sold to Intel for $15.3 billion. They are just some of the examples. 

According to Start-Up Nation Finder, around 1,100 – 1,400 startups are established in Israel every year. However, also annually, about 80% of them fail. 

“What about the funding?” you ask. Israel has a formed net of serial entrepreneurs who scale startups: in 2017 Israeli-founded companies raised substantial funds: Via ($250m), Cybereason ($100m), Vayyar ($45m), Airobotics ($32.5m) – to name just a few.

Some of the Israeli startups are especially worth knowing about because of their smartness: an innovative approach towards everyday life and usual activities. They revolutionize serious, lucrative businesses. 

We compiled the editor’s hand-picked list of 12 innovative Tech Israeli startups, so fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, and let’s start our journey through Silicon Wadi!

Referral.AI – B2B relationship intelligence

Founded in 2016 by Doron Herzlich, Dror Garti and Omer Ben Nahum, this AI-based Israeli startup is all about enriching social business connections: it transforms how teams reach key business leaders and contacts. 

How does it work? Referral-AI constantly scans the internet and analyzes your collective relationship network to secure quality referrals to key accounts, partners, investors, and top candidates.

In a world where the right contacts mean success and money, it’s no wonder that Referral.ai made it to our list. Outbound sales is getting less and less effective so having intelligent help in finding the right business contacts might be the key to B2B success. As a B2B company ourselves, Referral.AI, we will keep our fingers crossed for you!

FamilyKeeper – children protection app

Founded by Bar Almog in 2016, the FamilyKeeper startup has all you need to keep your children safe: it’s the world’s most advanced online child protection app.

Based on AI and Machine Learning algorithms, Family Keeper is a parent’s best friend in terms of a child’s virtual safety. 


How does it work? It’s an app installed on a child’s smartphone which allows the parent to supervise their online behaviour, thus guarding them against unsafe content. Whenever there’s a potentially harmful activity on the child’s phone, the app sends an alarm based warning to the parent. 

The internet era has brought as much good as it has harm to some people. That’s why we deeply believe that all of the efforts aiming to minimize the damage done to inexperienced users are the future and will help to make the world a better, safer place.

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Shapedo – innovation for construction projects

Founded in 2015 by Ari Isaacs, Guy Sheffer and Amit Dar, ShapeDo is an Israeli startup, which focuses on the construction market. Since its establishment, the system has been used on every major infrastructure project in Israel, including railways, airports, ports, highways and countless commercial buildings.

How does it work? Shapedo offers a management tool for designing construction projects. Sounds complicated? It’s not! It’s similar to Google Docs, but for your construction project. Let’s assume you are the owner of the construction project for the new hospital. You have a team of 10 people working on the same project in various places. This tool allows all the team to monitor changes between different versions of the plan in real-time.

Effects? No more financial and work delays. Safety improved. It’s just one of the solutions that helps people to work smarter.


Arbox – an all-in-one platform for gym business

Gym managers watch out, there is a new kind of software in town!  

Founded in 2015 by Alen Debensason, Alon Havshush and Ran Lev, Arbox is a management platform created for all kinds of fitness businesses. 

How does it work? It answers all the needs of gym and fitness venues. The platform fulfils the needs of owners, managers, athletes and coaches. Main features include CRM, e-invoicing, members communication, the sign-up process and many more. 

For a few years, we have been witnessing a serious world-wide boom in fitness. People start to treat physical well-being as one of the necessities of modern life: personal trainers, protein shakes, fitness clothing – it’s their golden era. Along with the boom, comes the money: the gym and fitness industry is starting to be treated as a serious, scalable market. 

Where the market goes, the software follows. 

Mixtiles – a mobile app that turns photos into decorative tiles

The company was founded by Eytan Levit and David Katz in 2015 in Tel Aviv and disrupted the framing and photography industry. How? By creating wall-friendly photo hanging business, backed with a mobile app.

What’s the idea behind it? To make hanging photos super customizable and wall-friendly. The founders spent over a year in the lab, testing ideas in order to find the best adhesive backing that wouldn’t ruin the walls. Thanks to their very special mounting technology, the frames may be stuck and unstuck wherever you want, without wall damage. Due to the mobile app, you can print all the photos that you like.


Despite Israeli location, the company ships the frames around the world. They can be ordered within a special app, which is loved by users (4,8/5 in Apple Store). 

Zencity.io – AI Israeli startup for local governments

Founded in 2015, this Israeli startup uses AI and big data to reinvent the way local governments make decisions. Zencity gathers and analyzes millions of data from online and offline resident interactions and distils reliable, actionable insights. It helps local governments understand the needs of their citizens, connect better with communities and prioritize resources.

Founded by Eyal Feder-Levy and Ido Ivri, ZenCity aggregates feedback and comments from multiple sources, including social networks, news websites, forums and municipal hotlines, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help extract meaningful “structured” data.

Lior Litwak, principal of M12 venture fund.

ZenCity is the perfect emanation of a “smart city” trend. It uses information technology to enhance the quality of life of the residents and improve the performance of urban services. 

ICV – matchmaking in the world of HR

Recruiting the right person for the job is not an easy task. That’s why GetICV – a startup from Silicon Wadi is here to help.

It helps HR teams to source, sort, filter and match the most attractive candidates for the job. Using advanced algorithms such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Intelligent Evolving Data Sets, it optimizes the workflow of HR employees. 


We were surprised how well it answered the needs of modern HR specialists. Thanks to natural language processing they don’t need to read hundreds of resumes – the system does it for them. A machine learning algorithm evaluates resumes in a completely unbiased way. It all combined – finds you the perfect match for your company in a matter of seconds.

ICV, we are impressed!

RobinHoodPro – financial management made easy

Founded in 2015 by Dedi Ben Natan, Odelia Cohen and Yossi Yarkoni, RobinHoodPro is a FinTech Israeli startup, which focuses on retirement plans, insurance and loans distribution. 

It helps customers to manage their retirement and insurance plans with the help of Robin, a mobile app. Robin makes financial planning and management easy: it aggregates all your information into one place and uses algorithms to find the best plan for each customer. 

There is no doubt: FinTech IS the future of banking. There are many FinTech startups which have gained international attention because of their innovative and pro-customer approach. AI, virtual reality, voice print: there are a lot of ways in which they can still be improved. Read about it in our other blog post

Whizar – a Saas solution for travel agencies

Travelling made more budget-friendly? We say Yass!

Founded just in 2017 by Armon Avrahamy, Amir Balaish, Tor Leelo, Israeli-born Whizar is an airfare optimization SaaS startup designed for travel agencies. It helps travel operators to predict the price and sell future airfare tickets at the lowest possible price. 

How does it work? After a customer makes a reservation, the platform monitors the flight and books it at its lowest moment. It uses the most advanced machine learning algorithms to identify airfares which are the most likely to drop.

As avid travellers, we must admit that Whizar is one of our favourites Israeli startups on the list!

Locodor – a crowdfunding social media platform

That one is a blast! Have you ever thought that the social network model can be used for the purpose of crowdfunding? No? Then read on!

Founded in 2015 by Richard Filderstein in Israel, the Locodor social network helps entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with the right people, that is: find the right funders and investors.

Richard Filderstein, CEO of Locodor

The idea is simple: all you need to do is post your crowdfunding project on the platform and socialize with members. They will take care of the rest.

Startuppers, brace yourselves! The community is coming! 


Spitball – tutoring students’ platform

Founded in 2013 by Eidan Apelbaum, Spitball is a solution for students that allows them to exchange knowledge, content and tutoring services directly with each other.  It uses digital currency, the transactions are fast, secure and budget-friendly. 

It’s built by students and combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain technology. The payments are automated. 

The platform makes it very easy to find the right tutor, the lessons are recorded (so the students can revisit them as often as they want) and contains a lot of free materials.

That’s what we call student to student help!

Medflyt – a platform for health agencies 

Founded in 2016, the MedFlyt platform is all about connecting experienced caregivers with healthcare agencies.

It’s a little bit like Uber, but for caregivers: through the web-based platform and mobile app, caregivers receive real-time alerts about new work opportunities.

Caregivers have the opportunity to improve their budget, while the agencies have more effective, fluent and simplified staffing process for stay-at-home patients. Scheduling new visits, submitting patients details, and staffing cases – it’s all automated.

Happy patients + happy caregivers = well-working agency. Just the way it should be.

Final word

The Israeli Tech sector is an extraordinary success story, which boasts many decades of unstoppable growth. Currently, 8% of Israelis work in the tech sector. Venture capital raised per capita is 2.5x higher than in the US and 30 times higher than in Europe (World Economic Forum).

There is a word in Israeli – “chutzpah”. It’s so deep-rooted in Israeli culture that it’s almost untranslatable. It means gall, audacity and guts. We must admit that there is a lot of chutzpah in how they do business and fortune favours the bold. 

Let’s meet at the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv!

On 16-19 September 2019, we will be attending the DLD Festival.

Wanna talk with us about product design, mobile & web development?

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